Airbnb of the Year

December 7, 2017

I was a guest in (at least) 12 Airbnb’s this year. They ranged in stature from sharing a bathroom with the host to having a private 2 bedroom flat; in geographies from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Northeast; in winter to summer. But none reached the level of charm as the “Eucalyptus Cottage” in Oceanside, CA.


It is a converted bedroom into a private suite with its own entry at the front of the home owned by a retired middle-aged couple. But it is decked with whimsical signatures.



The hosts are extremely warm as evidenced by their personal note they left me:



And what, pray tell, was sneakily attached to the note? Why, a random parchment from a Balzac drama! (I did not know he was a dramatist beforehand.)



It also helps that Oceanside is a deep-sleepy community, making it especially restful to return to, and is inundated by micro-breweries. Below is the “Bruja Roja” from Aztec Brewery (‘Flemish Red aged in red wine barrels):



I booked another visit before the end of the year. This will be my first repeat Airbnb stay, and for good reason.

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