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LACP’s Sixth Annual Members’ Exhibition 2019 @ dnj Gallery

Posted on August 17th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

The sixth annual LACP Members Exhibition exercised a menagerie of contemporary fine art photography with noticeable attempts of expanding the concept of the photograph. Intrinsic to the art form is the occupation of a subjective lens, so unavoidably naked a proclamation to perceive what is focally intended by the artist. There have been obvious movements […]

‘Jungle Train’ by Matthew Grabelsky @ Thinkspace

Posted on August 7th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

Tucked away coyly amidst a group exhibition, Jungle Space provides an elixir to the mundane urbanity of public transportation. This effort by Mr. Matthew Grabelsky is well on target for the aim of good art, which can be said to take the perfunctory and reveal its inner transcendence. The attempt at such decoding is always where […]

‘Crowds and a Touch of Distinction’ by Edel Bordon @ Lois Lambert Gallery

Posted on July 25th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

Mr. Bordon presents an enigmatic dirge to contemporaneous digital society in his opening at Lois Lambert Gallery. Sensitive to the relaxed isolation of human beings formed by the computing power of rocket ships now held in pockets and purses, Mr. Bordon provides a gentle lamentation on the abrupt lack of empathy and color concocted by […]

New American Paintings @ Zevitas Marcus

Posted on July 22nd, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

Zevitas Marcus welcomes once more a worthy selection of contemporary fine art to the Los Angeles community, this time via the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Out of the general abstract and experimentalism of the art show, three works stood out in regards to their compositional excellence and motif.   A pair of works […]

‘Secret Message’ by Richard Chow

Posted on July 16th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

In a further expansion of fine art photographic elasticity, Richard Chow presents a provocative monolithic abstraction to challenge our sense of time with his Secret Message. The similarity to 2001: A Space Odyssey cannot go unnoticed, in this precise meditation of time in space. Gazing upon the sleek blackness provides a friendly disarming immobility; it is […]

‘Oculus No. 11’ by Lisa Bartleson @ FP Contemporary

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

In a medley of art at the ‘Infusion’ opening at FPContemporary, Lisa Bartleson’s exercise in bringing forth new sensations from light, particularly with her Oculus No. 11, is immediately evocative and enchanting to perceive. There is a playfulness with the tactile which creates a moment of not so much distortion or confusion to the subject, […]

‘The Limits of Control’ by Florian Maier–Aichen @ Blum and Poe

Posted on June 11th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

Mr. Florian Maier-Aichen exercises a tremendous artistic statement with Untitled (Lasso Painting #8) at Blum and Poe. Confronting the contemporary anxieties of sophisticated artificial intelligence permeating every digital second of 21st century life, Mr. Maier-Aichen provides a boldly humanist affirmation by proving the limitations of technology. In a somewhat mischievous fashion, Mr. Maier-Aichen takes Photoshop – what […]

‘Development’ @ dnj Gallery

Posted on May 30th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

The eponymous Development at dnj Gallery showcases clear artistic growth by the each of the exhibiting artists. The simplest demarcation of evolution in artistry is change as opposed to repeating a successful note over and over until the key breaks. Often times growth in itself is a challenge for artists who, upon finding their voice, […]

‘Trap Door’ & ‘Black Elf’ by Ginny Casey & Ulrich Wulff @ Nino Mier Gallery

Posted on May 29th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

Ginny Casey presents us with a surrealist motif in her Nino Mier Gallery opening Trap Door. Each of her compositions presents a clever diorama of what can be described as “set-pieces” of human objects and in a positively less cryptic style than what is prototypically Surrealist. We do not, for instance, find the bizarre and […]

‘Cultivation’ by the Fortoul Brothers @ No Free Bread Gallery

Posted on May 13th, 2019 by Joseph A. Hazani

The Fortoul Brothers, attempting to strike a primordial nerve with their sun-drenched murals in Phoenix, have translated their aims on a more intimate scale with their first Los Angeles show at No Free Bread Gallery revealing their fine artistry.   There is a rustling in contemporary culture between the fabrications of man around the designs […]