‘Aquatic Figments’ by Ryan Linke @ dnj Gallery

October 19, 2019

Ryan Linke at dnj Gallery possesses a spiritual intensity to personally reflective experiences of photography which elicit a sense of awe upon contemplation. These are works which are so intimately crafted, they are testimonies to the presence of the advancement of contemporary art. The genuine industrial technique required to concoct each piece, transcending mere photograph to actual unique pieces of art, is worthy to savor in an age drowning in mediocre photography from the nascence of social media.


Interesting to ponder, too, is Mr. Linke’s utter contentment with what he describes as “light and space” – or the wonderful phenomenon of transposing the reflective appearance of the room onto the work, transcending the artist’s own vision to further contain the substance of the world it is appearing in. This categorical playful absorption of light is balanced with the sunny subject matter very eloquently. And it is no fortuitous effect; rather, it is wholly the intent of the artist to arrest our perception and sentence it to a torrent of reflectance which may be distracting but not to the point of irritation. Indeed, Mr. Linke succeeds in his efforts at drawing out multiple perspectives to his subjective pieces, all contingent on how one inspects the works. It is a success, then, that he can present such omnidirectionality which begins with a photograph but is finished with the playfulness of material to convey an enlightened message of harmony in the world.


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