The Boys from Brazil

October 25, 2015


This is an action adventure movie not starring an American lead. It’s quite remarkable that such a product was aloud to see the light of day – indeed it belies the model’s discontinuation in favor of stock masculine puppets like Indiana Jones instead of frail old Jews who sound funny when they say words like “when”. Nevertheless it is a bit like the Da Vinci Code in exploring a mystery or conspiracy. It’s about finding and putting together puzzle pieces.


The orchestration of this hunt in general qualifies the craftsmanship of the story. It is the focal point of designing the script and hence is the largest challenge. Too cryptic and the audience gives up in non-verbal frustration waiting to be re-awakened by a female nude or a murder. Too overt and the mediocre intelligent can see the check-mate four moves ahead, making his self-perceived foresighted brilliance loudly known to anyone within earshot.


While the big reveal here was not maximally climactic and it would have been nice to incorporate dead ends in an investigation versus stringing beads of good fortune, there is a gentle a ha the audience can savor, including the professional or dilettantish biologist who, while disagreeing on the sufficient environmental conditions for successful genetic mimicry, can at least tolerate the films suggestion as plausible. The film simply must be appreciated as a historical work, when studios treated film productions as an art and not a science, before blockbuster payouts were made statistical not magical.


Grade: B



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