“Sometimes where you are is where you need to be”

January 12, 2018

Happy New Year!


I invoked the title yesterday while my car was blockaded by a FedEx truck after having completed a successful business appointment. I was feeling anxious to leave, feeling trapped, but why? “Sometimes,” as I told my associate who felt the same impediment, “where you are is where you need to be.”


He took it warmly which helped position both of ourselves stoically against the car-port blockade. And its depth is quite profound; yet it also demonstrates the absurdity of the Analytic philosophical project.


Consider this statement as tautological:


Where you are is where you need to be


As necessarily you cannot possibly be anywhere else. But our concept of being is not sufficiently material nor particular.


This is the point (no pun intended). The mind – and reason – have been mistakenly axiomatically taken to be able to know absolutely. But knowledge is infinitely beyond the grasp of any possible human mind.


Our being and sense of being involves more than a static position of time and space; it involves possibilities for being. My word choice for describing this attribute is becoming. And sometimes you can know you’re becoming your best right then and there, even though it doesn’t make any logical sense.

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