Movie Review

American Psycho
  American Psycho wonderfully satirizes the world of Masters of the Universe – investment bankers who feel omnipotent by being able to get “rez”s at Darcia on moment’s notice. It is a good thing that this film was adapted and written by two women. They take their keen eye toward status and social conformity and
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Pete Smalls is Dead
This is simply an eclectic disarray. It does not know exactly what to be, other than an attempt at irreverence, which misses. However, failure in itself still has meaning, in demonstrating the newfound viability for film making.   This clearly is a script which would not pass the benchmark for most studios. They are in
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Mona Lisa challenges the audience to see the under-world of London as having a personality. That personality is front-and-center with George, an ex-con (or whatever a convict equivalent is on that island – I am too uncultured to know), who takes us through a voyage of the black market of sex.   Is it any
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  Swirling in the vortex of another male sophomore production, Revolver encapsulates – or at least tries to – sentimental verve. In that, the bloodshed and outlandish machismo actually serves a purpose beyond scintillating teenage boys.   Masterfully, Mr. Ritchie does not reveal his hand until the closing credits. He is indeed attempting to ‘con’
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The Long Goodbye
  Noir films have a certain sensation about them, where too much investment in the effort creates predictability, and a repellant and detachment from the film observer. Indeed, good noir depictions do not try to work within the theme at all. The only connected dots between the treatment and the genre is simply a story
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  In the midst of the emergence of the ability for women to apply themselves in a sophisticated manner in a sophisticated labor market, the consciousness, or placement of the modern female in society, has had its landscape pruned.   Whereas before, perhaps in a “simpler age”, women devoted their time solely on beautification and
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