Theatre Review

‘The Red Dress’ Theatre Review @ The Odyssey Theatre
(Playing through November 19th)   In another installment of theatre which is attempting to hold a mirror upon the contemporary society through the recrudesence of the historically worst form of totalitarianism, Nazism, The Red Dress is most poignant in the cultural force imposed upon society as opposed to the more conventional ideas of totalitarianism being
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RED SAND review @ Santa Monica Playhouse
Red Sand is an extremely experimental work which quite simply misses the mark. Ignoring its positive attributes, which can easily be found in the incredible performing stamina of the actors and the highly laudable sound mixing for which the performance demanded, this is an inchoate medley of emotional representation that amounts to, at best, an
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Our Town @ The Pasadena Playhouse
Our Town is an interesting period piece which shows, albeit indirectly, the humble bedrock for which these United States originate. It is beyond the tenets of the “Protestant Work Ethic”, but further, the moral virtues of the Protestant faith itself on full display. This display, however, is nothing dramatic; nothing more dramatic than an everyday
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‘Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally Review’ @ Odyssey Theatre Ensemble
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally playing at the Odyssey Theatre is yet another challenging contemporary play with its extreme abstraction of narrative. And the abstraction of the story, rather than physically acted out, is not a gimmick nor is it a necessary evil to bring to life a small-budget play that can only do so
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Carmen Disruption @ City Garage
In a very challenging play, Carmen Disruption is a meditation on the dispossession of contemporary human life. Most especially is the disconnection between humans in a society. It’s a very intriguing thought to ponder the fact a city society is comprised of a multitude of strangers to one another. How close and yet how far
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Rhinoceros @ The Pacific Resident
Rhinoceros explores in the purest sense the struggle between the individual and the herd. This is particularly so with the concept of morality in one man, but extenuating to the politics of mankind. There is a delicate balance between acting principally yet doing so communally. At what point is it considered selfish and misbehaving, rather
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