Movie Review

Dead Poets Society Movie Review
Carpe Diem. What does it mean to seize the day? Are we all destined for greatness? At the very least, the promise of exceeding one’s potential through sheer will is to be celebrated. It pushes an individual beyond his or her limits of possibility, breaking through the carapace that one is housed in socially, towards
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‘Moneyball’ Movie Review
Malcolm Gladwell proposed in David vs. Goliath the need for an inferior opponent to defy convention in order to survive. The Oakland Athletics baseball organization is a quintessential demonstration of this demand imposed by the natural circumstances of needing to compete with teams with necessarily larger fan bases and therefore larger purses to build wins.
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‘Nomadland’ Movie Review
Nomadland is a film which gleans insight into a segment of American society that is, quite frankly, disheveled. Yet it is not the individuals who can be considered for blame in their dilapidated termination of life, away from a permanent residency out of necessity. For the film very elegantly introduces to us the concept of
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‘Jesus of Nazareth’ Film Review
In a six-hour long teleplay, Jesus of Nazareth attempts to portray the spiritual heights of a remarkably idiosyncratic people on the face of the Earth. The Jews have been percolating, if not amplifying, the radical idea of a supernatural Creator which personally involves Himself in the personal history of every human being since their story
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‘Lawman’ Movie Review
What is the Law? Frédéric Bastiat proclaimed it to be “organized justice”. And if justice, as reasoned, is the preservation of righteous action, then the Law is intended to organize society to maintain righteous conduct between individuals in society. The thought that no ruler is above the law is a recent phenomenon; that all are
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’12 Monkeys’ Movie Review
Mr. Terry Gilliam offers us a haunting yet plausible interpretation of scientific dystopia in his pre-pandemic 12 Monkeys. The society depicted throughout the time escapade cannot but be helped to be compared to his previous Brazil Kafka-esque demeanor. Namely, it is the critical indictment of common people’s blind faith in man-made authorities and the folly
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