Movie Review

‘The Road to Perdition’ Movie Review
The Road to Perdition is the examination of the unfortunate circumstances of determining a fate which is short-sighted. It is to make aims at prosperity with short-cuts in mind. And, typical of organized crime, it is accepted that such a fate is a certainty. Perhaps this is why this film is so refreshing – the
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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Movie Review
Nostalgia permits one to reflect on present tribulations with a halcyon past. It may, in the instance of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, invoke a joy of an ostensibly simpler era of Walkman cassette tapes and the thrill of $10 large pepperoni pizzas. But from a more cinematic perspective, nostalgia harkens us to remember when commercial
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‘The English Game’ Movie Review on Netflix
In a superb remedy to class conscious strife which has been ever present in contemporary Western culture since the 2008 financial crisis, The English Game warrants the possibility of righteous nobility principally because of the righteous potency available within every individual, regardless of how well fed they are. The short mini-series (or teleplay as the
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Knight of Cups Movie Review
Mr. Malick has done it again. What I mean is that he has shifted his director’s eye toward another element of the human condition. Where before he might have been contemplating man’s role in the cosmos, here, he is much more down to Earth, pensively tasking to reveal the character of human freedom. Yet, Mr.
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‘The Death of Stalin’ Movie Review
Can communism ever exist peacefully on the planet Earth? The Death of Stalin does not try to examine such a question, though we can’t help but see plainly the absurdity of the socialistic attempt to bring Paradise to the present world. All that happens as a consequence of overthrowing the bourgeoisie and chimerical capitalist order
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‘Anomalisa’ Movie Review
In Charlie Kaufmann’s Anomalisa, the last whimpers of Nietzsche’s Last Man are seen visible. His is the nadir of the Christian faith and the imperiousness of Christendom which gave the world the momentum to lift it to heights not before imaginable. This was done with the elevation of the ceiling of the pagan Nature to
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