Movie Review

‘The Death of Stalin’ Movie Review
Can communism ever exist peacefully on the planet Earth? The Death of Stalin does not try to examine such a question, though we can’t help but see plainly the absurdity of the socialistic attempt to bring Paradise to the present world. All that happens as a consequence of overthrowing the bourgeoisie and chimerical capitalist order
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‘Anomalisa’ Movie Review
In Charlie Kaufmann’s Anomalisa, the last whimpers of Nietzsche’s Last Man are seen visible. His is the nadir of the Christian faith and the imperiousness of Christendom which gave the world the momentum to lift it to heights not before imaginable. This was done with the elevation of the ceiling of the pagan Nature to
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‘Phantom Thread’ Movie Review
Amidst the glorious cinematic kinetics which makes P.T. Anderson the most enjoyable of contemporary directors, Phantom Thread is a softer step taken when matched with the filmmaker’s historical march. Speaking to the aesthetic first, it is not so self-involved with painting majestic cinematic sequences of human vivacity. I find this to be disappointing, as the
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‘The Shape of Water’ Movie Review
The Shape of Water ought to go down as a quintessential example of the contemporary Western society’s soakage in the dredges of Christian history, wherein the concept of mankind is rejected and vilified in a film-noir setting. Yet it must be said that we have another splendid example of the marquee art direction, cosmetics, and
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‘Magnolia’ Film Review on Amazon Prime
Magnolia is one of P.T. Anderson’s earlier works and it is easily his darkest. Mr. Anderson innovatively wires together the inanities and hideousness of commercial entertainment, i.e. “Show Business”, with a seriously negative outlook on the reality which its humans inhabit. The film looks at the dark side of human agency in nearing the advocacy
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‘Disaster Artist’ Review
The Disaster Artist is a fun romp yet a continuation of a tired exercise in Hollywood narcissism which creates a general banality. There is no blemish per se with the film – its production quality is terrific, from the intimate direction which works to give a raw aesthetic, to the acting talent which are cast
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