Geamăna Venus, 2021 Archival Pigment Prints on Fine Art Hahnemüle Paper 40 x 60 inches Edition of 3 plus 2 artist proofs

The 36th Parallel ft. Liz Miller Kovacs && Uma Rani Iyli @ Track 16 Gallery

September 1, 2023

Ms. Liz Miller Kovacs introduces a concept of waste, of misplaced expectations with her testimony of the Feminine Earth polluted with the poisons of industrial exposure during the refined ’36th Parallel’ opening at Track 16 Gallery. That the progenitive Earth and its recycling of growth – regeneration can be corrupted with the extension of human ideas into physical power, a force which is outside of Nature’s original inertia, that endlessly sustaining motion which humans are granted the special right to act upon, to change; that that can be forced to move away from its beauty – for is not everlasting life a good thing? – is discerningly balanced in the composition.

Geamăna Venus, 2021
Archival Pigment Prints on Fine Art Hahnemüle Paper
40 x 60 inches
Edition of 3 plus 2 artist proofs


The choice of a contrasting blue in the foreground of a feminine figure, intended to signify ancient and modern perspectives of the female figure as a beautiful reflectance of Divine Nature, ends up in bondage alongside the noticeable corruption of a natural landscape so attended to by artists for centuries. It is in moving in necessary relation to these spontaneous desires of outwardly expressing beauty in nature that lends to this tragic idea: Nature can be wasted.


Wasted from what base causes? The desire to possess more of her, rather than embracing her mysterious unity, uniquely divisibly represented to our inner life by our body’s sensations. It is in piloting the inner sensations of the body – our consciousness – best, which is away from relentless haste in causing more immaculate gains of physical will-power in civilized society; that sickeningly-bitter thirst for more money to will more good things in selfish, egotistical directions. Where is the consideration of others in one’s reasoning? Where is the consideration of Nature in own’s rational goals? When the ends are this embittered, enslaved, entrapped; where true character is weighed indifferently to deceitful claims to arbitrary will power in society – yet ultimately in the Natural World – we have the need to express a delicate idea of scorn which is a rendered judgment out of base human ignorance in a more worldly orientation toward there propulsion; one of abundant life everlasting and not one of selfish personal terminal death.

Winding and Unwinding 14, 2022
Re-purposed silk thread and plexi
61 x 30 x 2 inches framed

Ms. Uma Rni Iyli composes splendid fabricated media at the same group exhibition. Her meditative weaving represents its own form of grace upon the human senses, with its delicate bundling; or rather winding; which has within it an enveloping of exacting goodness. For each of the fabrics, in their own recycling admixture by the artist providentially through the unforeseen choice in sari’s to use for the works, demonstrates that ideal of perfection. That of a perfectly compact form, immovable from fault. The best perfection therefore is that which is indestructible to human will power. It is Natural in not merely substance, but in experience of beauty-itself. I speak to the human eye.


The optical sensations Ms. Ilyi guides us with compels a healthy awe at the toil in producing an extension of human spirit. For beginning with base compositions to extend it towards greater measures of complexity – out what need but for more perfection? – we have revealed to us the truth of a spiritual world which overpowers the material. For what else does the artist do but extend human spirit through her very own successful extension, completion of what is knowingly a good thing? The knowability is necessarily through a natural media of exchange; that communication of light which Ms. Iyli patiently guides; not toward an obscurity of doldrum garment garb; but far removed from textile ideas altogether; and yet not toward a shimmering anxiety of needing to be known. It is in this self-reliance of own’s own beauty which is a great acclaim to be given to these works and their confidence in being knowing beautiful forever. This is the significance toward moving the world with a good spirit. This is the goal of a true artist.


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