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‘Surface Play’ ft. John Koller @ Launch LA

Posted on June 24th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

John Koller provides us with an ideal sense of balance to his artistic expression of oil on canvas as part of the Surface Play opening at Launch LA. The impressions he leaves upon the mind of the viewer or subject is one which has elements of bedazzlement; of aura; of ritualistic wonder. And yet, through […]

‘Finding Home’ by Dipo Doherty @ Rele Gallery

Posted on June 19th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

Dipo Doherty debuts a stupendous artistic endeavor at Rele Gallery by incorporating a fine balance of earthly tones with sumptuous details which are not erratic to the mind’s impression. With his latest works we are given an appreciation of the confidence in his organic procession with each of the finished forms encompassing an artful delicacy […]

‘Power of Myth’ by Casey McCafferty @ Nino Mier Gallery

Posted on June 10th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

Mr. Casey McCafferty presents to us an organic formalism with his quasi-tribal yet thoroughly faunal originality opening at Nino Mier Gallery in West Hollywood, CA. The measure of the placement of the physical extensions of anthropomorphic – and therefore humanely cosmic – forms is its own weight of the difficult act of balancing human imagination […]

‘Una Cosa È Una Cosa’ by Antonio Adriano Puleo @ Lowell Ryan Projects

Posted on May 19th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

In Mr. Antonio Adriano Puleo’s Una Cosa È Una Cosa at Lowell Ryan Projects, we are confronted with a positive query on the stature of originality when working with geometrical precepts. The circle, the square, the parallelogram, even the line, have all been done before. What then, to make of a work which composes them […]

‘When Weeds Bloom’ by Pieter Jennes @ Nino Mier Gallery

Posted on April 23rd, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

When Weeds Bloom portrays a collection of artworks by Mr. Pieter Jennes at Nino Meir Gallery that, in a word, achieve the difficult feat of balancing the mirthful with the somberness of neutral gray tones. We do not have an ecstasy of jubilee, yet we simultaneously do not have dreariness in the universal setting of […]

‘Inside Looking Out’ by Franziska Goes @ Moskowitz Bayse

Posted on April 9th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

In a presentation of a clear extension at originality, Ms. Franziska Goes at Moskowitz Bayse Gallery demonstrates to us the concept of self-reliance in forming a transcendental object through her self-reflectance upon the Natural elements. It is in her amalgam of Natural form with a vexing balancing act of imbuing her compositions with technical elements, […]

‘Intangible Matter’ by Alissa Warshaw @ Matter Studio Gallery

Posted on April 8th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

Ms. Alissa Warshaw at Matter Studio Gallery presents us a new form of sensual originality with her opening exhibition Intangible Matter. The idea of concentricity brings with it a sense of focus, and with focus we understand a consistency in aim. Yet what aim is Ms. Warshaws? Her modest compositions – both in scale and […]

‘Fields of View’ featuring. Madeleine Tonzi @ Hashimoto Contemporary (Los Angeles)

Posted on March 23rd, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

What is it about the desert that speaks mystery to the artist? The sun-basked horizons by Ms. Madeleine Tonzi at Hashimoto Contemporary Los Angeles are magnetic in their presentation of an original gradient of purple and pink tones while delicately, yet appropriately, abstractly positioning geometrical and man-made constructions to give us an inviting, yet still […]

‘Tres Sonetas’ by Abraham Cruzvillegas, & Sue Williams @ Regen Projects.

Posted on March 12th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

Does every new beginning come from some other beginning’s end? In the geometrical reduction of color and lines, Mr. Cruzvillegas triumphs in exalting the necessity for simplicity at Regen Projects. This is especially poignant in our contemporary digital discombobulation at times, where the cloudy shrouds of servers can entangle us into becoming slaves where we […]

‘Promising Skies’ Walter Erra Hubert (Curated by Maria Cachiolo) @ Building Bridges Art Exchange

Posted on March 8th, 2022 by Joseph A. Hazani

Mr. Walter Erra Hubert demonstrates, in his own words, the patterning of the geometric with the organic in his new exhibition Promising Skies at Building Bridges Art Exchange. What does the geometric, however, signify in his compositions? Throughout, amidst the plasticity of his abstract forms, are rectilinear contours which not so much etch but stamp […]