untitled (fw.work-no.5), 2021 oil on canvas 72.7x60.6cm. Courtesy the artist Sungwoo Han and Helen J Gallery. Copyright Sungwoo Han.

‘Endless, Nameless’ by Han Sungwoo @ Helen J Gallery

December 30, 2023

Mr. Hun Sungwoo at Helen J Galley paints us a stronger idea of more than color with his works which extend the imagination as it pertains to experiences of texture, color, scale, and brustroke with his opening at Helen J Gallery. The impressive feat is in the ability to play with decades of efforts at abstract expressionism, but arrive at nevertheless original vistas to help inform the subjects of original beauty.


(Far right) In Between Seasons (work no. 10) oil on canvas 39 3/8 x 39 3/8 in. 100x100cm. Courtesy the artist Sungwoo Han and Helen J Gallery. Copyright Sungwoo Han.

His In between Seasons (2021) is the most triumphant experience of green I have experienced all year – if not all decade. His panaroma of shades more than brightens but daringly extends our concepts of strength with such a confident portrayal, so absent of darkness as the colors gradient extends into the higher reaches of lightness – while the lower portion of the canvas staunchly centers our experience toward a more serene balance; again absent of any idea of negativity.


It is here in this balancing effort which mastery is perceived. For the medley of craftsmanship finds its finishing in a placid bedlam of admixture. We are therefore not here experiencing a mania of chaos but a respite of calm, enlightened by this challenging original effort at abstraction.

untitled(fw.work no.48) oil on canvas 72.7×60.6cm 2022. Courtesy the artist Sungwoo Han and Helen J Gallery. Copyright Sungwoo Han.

There is the further confidence in a high-artist because of the self-reliance of each of the paintings. The willful independence of each work furthers out possibility of knowing healthier concepts such as pallid when it comes to that modestly muted starburst of white in his Untilted (fw.work no.48). It is to suggest not illness in the muted appearance; but a strength in the diminution. For the modesty is one which is beautiful; it has the experience not of scintillation, but of that compact poise; away from ideas of imbalance and frenzy, toward a more centered conception of an outburst of life.

untitled (fw.work-no.5), 2021 oil on canvas 72.7×60.6cm. Courtesy the artist Sungwoo Han and Helen J Gallery. Copyright Sungwoo Han.

Untitled (fw work no.5), 2021 furthers in the originality in abstraction with the most delectable of textured the paint. The encrusting of a delicious blue and other dark colors motivates ourselves toward that base simplicity of awe, at genuinely hungering for a better experience of this life. That effort, at giving a better world, is demonstratively experienced with such a positively different array of artworks which breathe more and more sweetness and light into the room.


Mr. Sungwoo give ourselves a happy medium to rest our minds on through the genuine bedlam and pallidness of life’s corridors. We have vitality offered so gently, it is a pleasant reminder that the gift of life is but a dream. And we have the power to make it wonderful.


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