'"INSERT LEGEND HERE”', 2022 Acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in.' by Dipo Doherty. Courtesy of the artist and Rele Gallery.

‘Finding Home’ by Dipo Doherty @ Rele Gallery

June 19, 2022

Dipo Doherty debuts a stupendous artistic endeavor at Rele Gallery by incorporating a fine balance of earthly tones with sumptuous details which are not erratic to the mind’s impression. With his latest works we are given an appreciation of the confidence in his organic procession with each of the finished forms encompassing an artful delicacy to his brushstrokes.

‘Radiant child’, 2021 Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36 in.. by Dipo Doherty. Courtesy of the artist and Rele Gallery.


The paints have an estimable attitude of arrival at a happy medium of eclecticism in each of his works. We have the demonstration of a smooth polish of orange, to, not an erratic, but a rhythmic completeness in the minutiae. There does need to be an absence of fear or courage in how Mr. Doherty fulfills some of his patterns. And I am pleased to report he is successful in his demonstration of such elaboration of swirls, twirls, edges, and extensiveness in his styling.


This is a boldness that is nevertheless tastefully reticent in his compositions. We in other words have the appearance of a projection, given the animation of his strokes; and their varieties. However, this animation, while exciting, is not exhausting to savor. The playful nature of the contained dynamism, with choice colors which are luscious but not saccharine, demonstrate a new concept of harmony. This is particularly profoundly felt in his work Grey Matter (2022) where we have an ideal contrast of dark and bright; of absence and saturation of light.

‘Grey Matter’ (2022) Acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in. Dipo Doherty. Courtesy of the artist and Rele Gallery.


In this work there is the self-evident dancing hymn contained within each divisible parchment of a universally formed male body. It is in the sense of substrata which invites us to introduce further cellular conceptual notions to the distinct layering of orange oblong forms, to enlighten us into perceiving the universal accessibility all humans have in tasting the never-ending growth life has towards the celestial. True, it is enigmatic to believe that these oblong oranges pertain to the sun and starry night; and yet, once we have a natural scientific awareness of our own cosmic constitution, we can begin to appreciate the aim of human life to continue to breathe light into its eternal occupancy, residing within the universe’s own everlasting swirling. Towards what end? Oneness. Let us then celebrate such a positive interpretation of the convergence toward this endless unity brought to us, nay destined for us, by our Worldly Maker.


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