Margie Livingston: The Earth is a Brush @ Luis de Jesus Los Angeles

March 9, 2020

Margie Livingston presents an ethereal elementalism at her opening The Earth is a Brush at Luis de Jesus Los Angeles. Her compositions may dawn on haunting, yet not in an adversarial manner. Instead, the works tempt us with a salvation of calmness, wrestling away thoughts of irascibility with the presence of a mild tranquility. The earthiness of the color tones, in other words, compels us to shed wasteful, hurried, racing moments of human artifices and return us – ground us – in a coolant medium.


Her artworks are not intended to provoke but to welcome the mind toward a loftier plane – that of serenity. Each unique work – including the several assemblages which appear rustically devised, as if expeditiously uncovered – has a fingerprint on this pacifying pulse. It is through this revelation of equilibrium we can appreciate the monotonic patterns, which are prima facie doldrum if not for that ethereal simplicity they waft upon subjective impression.



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