'Medicine Dance' (2021) Acrylic on canvas. By Walter Erra Hubert courtesy of the artist and Building Bridges Exchange

‘Promising Skies’ Walter Erra Hubert (Curated by Maria Cachiolo) @ Building Bridges Art Exchange

March 8, 2022

Mr. Walter Erra Hubert demonstrates, in his own words, the patterning of the geometric with the organic in his new exhibition Promising Skies at Building Bridges Art Exchange. What does the geometric, however, signify in his compositions? Throughout, amidst the plasticity of his abstract forms, are rectilinear contours which not so much etch but stamp themselves spontaneously, creating a unique visual experience which emphasizes serenity.

‘The Wings of Change’ (2020) 80×48. Courtesy of Walter Erra Hubert and Building Bridges Exchange

It is in the tension between the rigidity of the self-certainty of order so quintessential to geometrical objects, such as the ideal inner principles of reasoning of human law, and the spastic formations of the natural world, with its own patterning beyond the conceptions possibly accorded by the human mind, which gives us this gentle resolve, punctuated by the neutral tones selected for by Mr. Hubert. He is not trying to form a stalactite impression in our mind’s eye; a forceful gesture using his geometrical contours; instead, they are soft accoutrements to the birthing of new inconceivable truth relaxing the restless mind. It is this effort at centeredness so intrinsic to the notion of balance and serenity which is imperceptibly realized with his playful carving of acrylic clouds of inertial color.

‘Medicine Dance’ (2021) Acrylic on canvas. By Walter Erra Hubert courtesy of the artist and Building Bridges Exchange

And these indeed have the copious suggestiona of airy plumage; of an altitude which is unreachable by the normal mind; of an elevated state of being, so far removed from social irritants which inflame and darken and discombobulate. Hence the successful achievement at the harmoniously circular attribute of centeredness: of the completeness of an objective. The climactic surfacing of the spirit beyond the social canopy is a noteworthy achievement; incidentally fulfilled through Mr. Hubbert’s own self-isolation prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. His head being in the clouds helps pour out this heavenly sight of, in a few words, peace and quiet.

‘Saffron Odyssey’ (2019) 72×48. Courtesy of Walter Erra Hubert and Building Bridges Exchange

Ahh yes. Peace and quiet. The monkish virtues. How friendly the lonely number of one is in creating a balanced soul. True, the niggles of humanity need to be confronted; their wrinkles need to be ironed; but so much of this is accomplished with such an aspiring remark by the artist in the passage of his own soul towards realizing the impossible containment of the natural world by man. No, this is not to suggest his contours are a comment on man’s wrestling with nature, only that, the natural is forever boundless, and through its gestation of animation there arises subtle places of certainty in the ethereal whirlpool of the churning cosmos.


Mr. Hubert strikes, therefore, a resonant chord with the proper aim of High Art: that of the experience of immaculate centeredness. This brings a smiling, calming, completeness to any restless agitations from the hustle and the bustle.




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