‘The Fugitive’ Movie Review

April 25, 2023

It is better to suffer injustice than to commit it. This is the Moral expression of Socrates’ death so ingeniously portrayed with the film The Fugitive. That there is indeed a higher law than what men construct is wonderfully facilitated with the realization of the Liar in cinema.


That a false plan for the goal of temporary matters – comfort and convenience – involves so much bloodshed, so much innocence removed and pain experienced for what amounts to be an unwise maneuver. Do people really plan on getting away with things?


In the end, justice prevails when wrongdoers realize their plans are limited. Finite. Incomplete. And eventually will be washed over by the Natural Order of things. That being, to strive for more civil grandeur can lead to false ideas, and bad paths. Paths which move one’s soul away from the truth.


That it takes a dexterously charismatic character portrayed brilliantly by Harrison Ford – as a leading man extraordinaire capable of overcoming what to most people appear to be insurmountable obstacles in clearing the good doctors name – is the keystroke and keystone which makes for such a fantastic thrill ride. It is the struggle for life in Chicago hospital pharmaceutical sales, where prevarication of clinical safety results for mammon and the false appearance of true public renown – prestige – can lead to such a tragedy of human calculations.


The ability to meander through the reality of human misjudgment – including the wrongful conviction of the doctor in the murder of his wife – involves such brashness that it makes for a spiritual film. A film where a man does not concern himself for material goods, just so that his name can be remembered for good. Honor is lost when money bags become trophies. When $7.2 Billion in net sales is not enough for thirsty shareholders – in actually employed money managers – in further increasing the intangible and possibly unnecessary shareholder value of the underlying stock of Devlin-MacGregor.


In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. And the good doctor understands this as, by providence, his ride to state prison is throttled. He has a choice then: to command justice, or to evade and hide in the forests.


This is an iconically American film, where there is no sense of quit amidst the cinematic idea of danger; where one must face bullets to realize the truth. This is what acting justly involves! The threat of physical injury! To choose, therefore, to act unjustly, covertly, secretively, evasively, for wealth, for convenience, for the world – is unhealthy. Unhealthy to society. Unhealthy to the self that is piloting the body towards the eventful fate of Judgment. Judgment of one’s folly in believing rationalizing the cost of patient liver failure for the net profits from the newly invented pharmaceutical sales is good. Where is the humanity?


And this is precisely the point. A fugitive can indeed be righteous. See Moses the Teacher.





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