Honk for Jesus Movie Review

December 15, 2022

What is the truth? How can a man even know that about himself? Is peace of mind given to another brother enough to warrant salvation in the mind of the Lord?


These truths are not so self-evident. In the traversing vortex of merchandising dreams which manically fill the life goals of hundreds of millions, the arrival at healthy happiness can blind one to the means, or the actual experience of consistency, with one’s principles and one’s actions.


The mapping of theory to practice with the physical experience of being human is impossible to exact in mathematically perfect detail. For the geometrical coordination of the motion of our physical bodies extending outwardly into the Natural World and the unique cellular resonances numerically occurring, we achieve a measure of gradient between health and death. The basis of sin is in this numbering.


So is it healthy to sin? Is it healthy to lie?


The need for social appearance to achieve worldly success pilots the passage of souls into the direction of constructing vanity; artifice; which necessarily is appeasing to the minds, no, souls, of others. It is in keeping a spiritual occupancy which forms the basis of culture, and we see the examination of a distinct form of human Christianity in the age of Anti-Christ.

Sterling K. Brown stars as Lee-Curtis Childs in HONK FOR JESUS. SAVE YOUR SOUL., a Focus Features release.
Credit: Steve Swisher / © 2021 Pinky Promise LLC


It is here where the ignorant demonstrate their true devotion to God Almighty – reward – in the abundance of worldly pleasure available to a death-believer.


A believer not in creating more life, but in a believer which extends outwardly not to create a stronger future for young men, but to prey on them as the Pastor achieves in his God’s dream world, strongly portrayed by Sterling K. Brown in the film.


Vice occurs due to uncontrollable forces of temptation which cause the blinding of the mind’s conscience from the duration of the state of grace and its sustenance. The true actor extends himself towards the necessary reality of the brutality of the empty bellies from misfortunate souls walloped by ignorant masses of man who have never acquired property and therefore the true knowledge of the civilized means for just acquisitions. Especially when considerations of cultivating higher human faculties are concerned, such as remembering mathematical literature.


This predatory nature experienced by the Pastor which causes the ceasing of his congregation terminally, can only occur out of the bloodthirsty gladness in dominion over the minds of others too weak to defend themselves. It is playing with reasoning to harm others to gratify oneself. Such deeds are inconsiderately debasing to human memory, below even animal nature, which has its animation vouchsafed by the Immaculate Creation of the Natural World.


It is here where man defames and dishonors his Maker. It is here where his freedom to move courageously, adventurously, independently, to suffer to progress in demonstrated truth, in realizing more of what is certainly knowable, to perfect his mind, to realize the virtue of being made, of informing the free gift with more love and consideration of the original efforts at the playful creation itself; is instead is moved toward body experiences which were not intended by Nature’s God.


It is moved to continue to siphon, not simply goods, time in the motion of the mind, but souls from the knowledge of the True Path. The Path of truth causes contentment in one’s gift of a worldly experience which is naturally progressing toward endless rest of our humanly physical bodies. Towards certainty in the regeneration of the innumerable physical efficiencies between the extensions of our minds with the self-sustaining metabolic regularity that can be naturally discovered into the unknown of human experience, through the self-realization of the creation of new assets by individuals.


This frees the liberty of mind, promoting personal spirits concerned with goals which are distinctly humane in transcendental perspective, and are accorded greater mathematical reasoning abilities, namely geometrical logical training towards the sufficient understanding of The Fourier Mathematical Transformation.


Source: https://blog.fossasia.org/performing-fourier-transforms-in-the-pslab-android-app/


There is virtue in extending the habit of knowledge.


There is therefore virtue in never stealing.


This is the state of grace in knowing the Lord’s Mercy. Knowing the Lord’s Glory is the state of Salvation. And the mind knowing of this personal Salvation is Best Experience for All Knowing. And this accords us the silly pursuit of the city-man with his jolly-folly end of the dominion of other people’s time. Their life-force. Their animated cosmos. Their being. Their soul. And the moment of truth? Did I make The Good?


This is the curse of the gratification of sorcery in moving ignorant minds too weak to move their bodies towards self-reliance. This is the game of truth or liar. This is the motivation of those dead in sin toward causing reckless abandonment; of the devotion to one’s own gratification at the inconsideration of the future world. It is the abomination of children sacrifice, the termination of the human soul, rather than its unlimited progression in originality. This is the sincerest realization of the extension of sentience in the universe: by perceiving it in the extending sentience of man, in his literature.


Literature resides exclusively in the self-reflective uniqueness every human has the ability to strengthen in identity, in representing a unique world-self in forming a necessary appearance to others in a world made by God. This world includes the need to explain why there is injustice that is worth suffering to experience, instead of physically gratifying oneself in injuring others.


This is the the moment of Truth for a Pastor – and his wife Trinity Childs portrayed with a terrifically abysmal desperation for Vanity by Regina Hall – who comes to understand a deeper connection to his Maker who he thought he was truly serving.


For the limitations of Christian man are that he believes he cannot self-reliantly progress toward the sinless conscience; towards a necessarily predetermined cosmic path of naturally resonating motion, which secures the mind’s experience of its continuum in its actions in God’s sight. For again, let us imagine the total observation of the Natural World as being perceived by a conscious observer (a la Philosopher-Bishop George Berkeley); such as us. In further appreciating that even if the Pastor is a witchdoctor who lost his power – for only God can Judge the secret self – He is still a servant of the Lord in realizing that only God can be trusted absolutely.


It is these harsh realizations of a man’s concocted virtue compared to his actual appearance. Where doubt holds sway. And how precious a family has in world history with being recognized with Divine honor! These are the Remnants of Jacob! These are the those loyal to the House of David! These are the true believers in everlasting life of the soul! For God is Everlasting.


It is in the actual belief of this All-Knowing Mind who accords justice when movement becomes unfair between human bodies. Especially when human bodies are unable to be trained to gain wisdom self-reliantly. To remember is to be sentient. To be eternal memory, or immemorable,  is the self-similarity that man has with the Eternal Sentience, that Everbeen Moving Mind witness to imperfection only through the follies of man’s judgments in His infinite universe, that Author of Nature which moves by the name El-Shaddai, Holy One of Israel, Mighty One of Jacob. Saviour. Redeemer. The Merciful One. To live for the moment constantly gratifying the body moves the mind away from significantly caring about the souls of others.


Honk for Jesus exposes the anxieties for worldly success as an actual correspondence to heavenly virtue. As Micah the Prophet counsels: Act Justly, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly with Thy God. (Micah 6:8)



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