Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Film Review

April 25, 2023

In a fun romp of a film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ignites adventurous curiosity in the celebration of the mythical that man is permitted to play with, to inform his motivations towards ends which are necessarily spiritual – beyond animal life. It is in the significance of his aims which gives us an avenue of vicarious fulfillment through the intrepidness of Dr. Jones and his never ending love of dangerous archaeological pursuits which has him crash land in India, the Earth’s most spiritual of lands.


In such a terrain, where original ideas of being human have been developed for millenia, Mr. Jones runs into the need to help a picayune village in their worship to their god Shiva. The elder of the village smiles in glee to see Mr. Jones arrive, cosmically and therefore karmically fated to return what has been lost – if not stolen.


Yes, thieving is prehistoric. It is even found in the biological domain. That thievery can escalate to such actions of the human mind, toward concepts which have no relation to meals, to cellular homeostasis, makes humanity distinct and separate from animal life. It is in these queries of significance where drama climaxes.


It is a choice: to steal or not to steal. And yet so much of that instinct to steal is in a relentless need to possesses, to arbitrarily control the motion of a substance. It is disappointing that so often that substance prized is mortal life. Not of one’s own, but of another’s body.


The obliviousness of cosmic treachery in vainly sustaining fraudulence toward abusing the cosmic privilege of imposing action upon Nature causes a gradient of karmic ability; even if that ability is not resonant in one person’s mortal life. It is retained in their soul and how it was destined by the personal self.


And it is here in the tussle with material concepts that confusion springs. That there is short-sightedness – for 50, even 100 years is a blip in the Natural Universe – in achieving desires causes such absurd ornamented displays of free worship, of true devotion to falsehood. Of death belief so strong that permanent dominion is the prized possession for the soul.


And yet how unjust it is!


And yet, how delirious the belief is in hoping a cruel god becomes the supreme one!


Why not focus on the family instead?


The priest who abuses his ability to hypnotize believers into submission to his will power, toward such unlimited self-rationalization of merit because of the possibility of a successful experience of being human, is acting contrarian toward harmonious agreement. Indeed, the agreement fostered is a betrayal to Natural order! Which is fun to witness Indiana Jones as a natural force that “accidentally” stumbles into a quest to restore order to the world.


How eloquent one man can be in fulfilling justice. In making peace on earth by destroying falsehood. To destroy destroyers is a creative process. That the process is out of a desire of true knowledge, of what we can imagine Dr. Jones to be always in search of – the absolute meaning of life mystically encrypted in our combined fates – yields us a beautiful representation of “Hollywood” Dharma: of the outward expression of the soul cycles imposed in the film in their own liberation from the senses of the body, towards true paths. Towards enlightenment in the proper treatment of the World-soul.


The supreme destiny actually begins with oneself, towards such a realization of heroism being a condition of daring extension – as a necessary ingredient for remedying evil power on Earth. Darkness survives only in the darkness of human imagination. When ignorance is removed, through will and not through reason, will there be no more human sacrifices on earth.


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