The extra man

January 29, 2013

This is a film with incredibly Sharon wit, yet an unpronounceable, prematurely delivered script. The plot is difficult to appreciate, as it is inconsistently whimsy, plodding into the enigmatic of its characters without developing themselves any further than bystanders for comedy.


And it is exceptional comedy from Kevin Kline, n a resoundingly hilarious character, who steals the entire movie, and yet whose sizzle loses its steam more tha halfway into the movie. This is not to say the character suffers from fatigue, that his antics eventually become dull. If any thing, his character can be and ought to be part of a television series. The disappointment is in his patiently delivered apathetic self centered character only to be brazenly discarded in favor of sentimentality to his newfound roommate and protagonist.


This comes as almost evidence for writer fatigue. That indeed we have a city with so many interesting characters with lives that can intersect, yet to tell a fable in which they all do, and which delivers a satisfying ending, seemed to be out of reach for the film, instead we have haphazard and jolted developments that do not reward the viewer beyond the laughs. It is disappointing considering it is painfully clear e film was aiming for greater.

Grade: B



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