The Trip

January 5, 2013

In what is now common-faire, satirical narratives involving the daily lives of successful actors attempt to take the mundane luxury and find absurd. It is quite an easy thing to do, as the inhabitants of their universe mock the self-righteous decorum which they do not belong in, yet merely savor.


The pairing of these two actors begins farcically enough, yet descends into nuisance, particularly with the voice-actor who cannot escape one sentence without mimicry.


The self-parody is not excessive as seen in Curb Your Enthusiasm, as there is a soft background of a missed romance that inspired the entire journey through Northern England foodie heaven. However, it cannot emotionally appeal when the level of banter does not rise above sophomoric comedic jabs about other actors.


In short, there is no narrative, only eating and self-absorption. Not to say the film attempts anything else only that the humor recycles itself hastily, creating unwanted and annoying redundancy.


Grade: C-



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