Abe Begalin Solo Show

by Adilettante October 29, 2016

Abe Begalin took possession of half of an art gallery, filling that half with viscerally imposing, even daunting, monuments to an indeterminate scientific future. It is, in his own way, a contribution to science fiction which in itself is a categorization of the fantasizing of science, more or less. And with such fantasizing of science, in general, because it dwells in the imagination, it always....

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The Seductive Line: Eroticism in the Early 20th Century Germany

by Adilettante October 29, 2016

Modern German artists, especially enveloped in the Weimar Republic, have an eerie perspective on the nature of humanity. As is demonstrated with these etchings, there is no longer a celebration or a humanism in representing mankind. Note how historically in the West, and recharged with the Renaissance, the anthropomorphic form was consistently utilized to imagine myths and represent the....

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Islam Now, Part 2

by Adilettante October 29, 2016

While missing the first installment of this exposure to another perspective of the world, I was fortunate enough to find this one, albeit quaintly installed in a side corner of one of the Los Angeles County Museum’s building. There are two immediate invocations that are summoned when walking briskly through this. The first is the overarching drapery of the old Islamic art motif, which I will....

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My Written Works

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A short story about a young man who discovers an old book that teaches him how to love. In the end he learns that love....


Critique of The Last Man in Film

A critical survey of over 40 films which relate to Frederick Nietzsche's philosophical concept of "the Last....


Belvedere: a poem

"The struggle itself for the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy." -Albert....


A dialogue concerning love

A young man recounts a story from memory about a conversation he had with his roommate and neighbor about....