Baby Doll At The Fountain Theatre

by admin October 20, 2016


Baby Doll is an adaptation of a Tennessee Williams film, and it again is a fatiguing portrayal of the Southern, almost backwatered life. Granted, we should be celebratory in the novel perspective; of being brought into a world that is seldom cared for by the largest pursuers of theatrical game in America; that being the Manhattanites and their Broadway compulsive obsession with the New York Life.....

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How To Succeed In Business

by admin October 20, 2016


A satire on how to move up fast and quickly within a business organization, How to Succeed is a fast-paced and raucous comedy with outlandish potshots at the working world of the 1960’s. While there are many anachronisms, the standard still remains, which is in the existence of the corporate ladder that so many people try to maneuver. And, as a bitter pill to swallow, how often times merit is....

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The Eccentricities of a Nightingale

by admin October 20, 2016


Tennessee Williams most consistently is a playwright that does not direct the audience toward any landing point. His plots start, and they end, with the continuity between the points being the travails and tempestuousness of, marvelously, the ordinary human life. It is to say, we can see Mr. Williams as an egalitarian, demonstrating that the common man, and not the special, nor the elite, nor the....

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