Un Passage, 2015 Ha Tae Im. Acrylic on Canvas. 51x63x2 in. (130x62x5cm). Courtesy of the artist and Helen J Gallery.

‘Cadences’ by Ha Tae IM @ Helen J Gallery

November 3, 2023

On a meditation on passing, Ms. Ha Tae-Im showers the world with a wonderfully inventive display of harmony in the flow of time with her ‘Cadences’ opening at Helen J Gallery. This balance with its unequivocal passing is beyond preconceived notions of a static equilibirum perspective; yet it is precisely in this idea of balance with motion with the absence of vigorous force which the painter excels at demonstrating.

Un Passage No.234039, Ha Tae Im. 47.25×31.5x2in (120X80cm), Acrylic on Canvas, 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Helen J Gallery.

True justice is beautiful to realize. It is not hasty, rancid, vengeful. We do not, in her wise color choices, experience a traumatic reverie but instead a celebration of a balance of animation with softness. Her primary canvas colors do not, in other words, excite toward mania, but give us a sense of cooling; temperance quintessentially. And it is with her choice of curvilinear forms which add to the dangerous complexity which acts as a triumphant hurdle to be carried over in the sensations of the mind of the viewer.

Un Passage No.234061, Ta Hae Im. 31.5×31.5x2in (80x80cm), Acrylic on Canvas, 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Helen J Gallery.

Her swimming forms in technicolor bravado, once more, are not strenuous. This is mastery in informing the world with beauty as necessarily absent of beast.


And with this distinction in the refinement of human goals, towards the beyond mortal, we have new renditions of contact, gold, and even a positive attribution of hodgepodge with her eclectic panorama of reflective acrylics. Where each of these words may have that abrasive, jarring, messy suggestion, we instead of a deeper intuition on what the human mind may possibly relate to. And with this elevation, we have the experience of High Art.

Un Passage, no. 234056, 2023 by Ha Tae Im. 39.375×39.375×2″ (100x100x50cm). Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Helen J Gallery.

Un Passage No. 231019, 2023 by Ha Tae Im. Acrylic on Canvas. 44.112×63.75x2in (112x162x5cm). Courtesy of the artist and Helen J Gallery.

To add memories to one’s life which provide with upmost certainty true knowledge of harmony is knowing for certain one is pursuing true happiness.




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