Courtesy of Cindy Phenix and Nino Mier Gallery.

‘Merged Without Edge’ by Cindy Phenix @ Nino Mier Gallery

July 1, 2022

Cindy Phenix gives us the quintessence of cornucopia in her welcome exhibition Merged Without Edge to the Los Angeles Contemporary Fine Arts Scene at Nino Mier Gallery. The beautifully sweet and zesty ordainment of the potpourri of, plainly and simply, ideas, creates each wonderful sentiment to the human mind’s enjoyment of adventure.



It is in the admixture of these ideas which creates for us a harmonious odyssey into artful objects which do not necessarily need relations with each other. This examination of continuity is explored throughout her larger compositions. The melding of the ideas into their animated mania is successfully balanced by her wise choice of colors which do not distract from the primary invitational perspective – and that is that which, though not necessarily labyrinthine, is beautifully playful in pandemonium.


This is then an examination in the merits of the balance perceived in the distinct objects created in the media, in the physical appearance of the objects playful churning and swirling around in each canvas. The magnitude of the turbulence provides a sensational bedazzlement which is nevertheless refined in its aims at moving our sensual idea of beauty. Each of her major artworks are not loud in remaining renown.



Her art also extends into the intriguing choices of tactile protrusion, which requires a deeper examination into the minutiae of the subject matter. This physical awareness of the presentation of the cultural object, that it requires more introspection in the art piece from different perspectives in these pieces, provides more challenge to the gravity of the colors in her art pieces.


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