'Navegando por la Nacar' by Edel Bordon courtesy of the artist and Lois Lambert Gallery.

‘Crowds and a Touch of Distinction’ by Edel Bordon @ Lois Lambert Gallery

July 25, 2019

Mr. Bordon presents an enigmatic dirge to contemporaneous digital society in his opening at Lois Lambert Gallery. Sensitive to the relaxed isolation of human beings formed by the computing power of rocket ships now held in pockets and purses, Mr. Bordon provides a gentle lamentation on the abrupt lack of empathy and color concocted by this incidentally avaricious response. It is to say that the convenience of living has dramatically increased and paradoxically this has precipitously evacuated the currency of the human spirit.


This emptiness is vividly seen in Mr. Bordon’s hallow amalgams of humanity. Each are treated in his exhibition as totally dispensable, which itself is an appropriate critique of the penetration of digital technology into a mass society where humans are but mere movement arms to base ends and not higher ends in themselves. The impersonality of the day-to-day lacks an equivalent personal and warm vibrancy which is the bedrock of all culture: love.


Or rather, an unconditional gratitude of the human soul. The loss of its preciousness in contemporary Western society is reflected excellently in Mr. Bordon’s treatment, which has a taciturn quasi-Orwellian treatment of the individual as one which is undifferentiated from the next. Siempre tres en el baris the strongest show of such a critique which has a suggestion of disparity in this society of individual worth. Mr. Bordon elects to portray the elite in the same forms as Gustav Klint’s The Kiss, which shares a resemblance to the coerciveness of self-gratification.


Indeed, instant self-gratification presented by information technology arrives at the expense of dignifying the human spirit which civilization grooms to soar ever higher as opposed to its current direction toward exhausting the generations of accumulated historical sacredness inherited from ancestry which had a sense of Heaven and its serene destination. It is this positive reaction to affirm human life and its intangible quality over the lust to shape it into a 21stcentury animal farm which is a bittersweet confrontation on the need for the endurance of timeless virtue carried forward to future human generations.


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