Deborah McAfee - Branched - 2021 - 50 x 40. Courtesy of the artist and Craig Krull Gallery

‘Desert Sanctum’ by Debbie MacCafee @ Craig Krull Gallery

September 25, 2022

Debbie MacAfee’s artwork represents a beautiful idea of nativity in the media she has created and is now exhibiting at Craig Krull Gallery. The discernable airiness in the thinness of the material, and harmoniously earthy color tones, gives us the impression of lightness, of a natural goodness which is far removed from anxieties of possession. There is, in this pseudo-Indigenous collection, a sense of submitting to a higher power; to that of a Holy Spirit which imbues everything in Nature with the ability to form itself so intricately.

Deborah McAfee – Fractured -2020 – 24 x 24 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Craig Krull Gallery.



Deborah McAfee – Conglomerate – 2022 – 30 x 40. Courtesy of the artist and Craig Krull Gallery.


In such constant colliding, with such constant resolving of the acts which can wordlessly appear to be balancing through the chain of Natural motion physically perceivable, Ms. MacAfee portrays beauty in the desert. Even in the barest of natural formations, there is the beauty in inordinate detail; that which is formed by something beyond any human on earth. And it is in this manifestation of creation which the artist adds an original texture: a swirling windy element in the composition to further with the presence of harmony in the fractal patterns within each artwork.

Deborah McAfee – Schism – 2021 – 30 x30. Courtesy of the artist and Craig Krull Gallery.


Is it this play of space, of adding a man-made separation of form, which perhaps imbues the compositions with that added sense of nobility to the Natural World.


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