'Jennifer Joseph, Cosmic incursion 02', 2017-2019, oil on panel, 60 x 66 inches. Courtesy of the artist and George Billis Gallery

‘Disruptive Spirit’ by Jennifer Joseph @ George Billis Gallery Los Angeles

September 13, 2019

Jennifer Joseph presents a triumph of contemporary fine art in her positive absorption of the Dionysian messiness of the City of Angels at George Billis Gallery. Self-explained as a reaction to her recent transition to the city, her artwork is uniformly cosmic in its pretensions and unveils a rapturous succulence of colors which is a pure edification of the human spirit to vanquish cacophony through tranquility.


With tranquility, there is the connotation of peace – and probing further into its inner dimension, there is the relaxation and relief from irksome troubles; a relief from unforeseen disturbances blotted from the self-certainty of its absence in the present. Ms. Joseph, then, takes the aim of Matisse, of “an art of…purity and serenity” seen in the maximal bandwidth of light’s imposition upon our conscience, and sends a throttling lightning bolt asunder. Yet such rhetoric suggests an excitation of the spirit, an exuberance from play. Her activation, however, is in this movement towards temporal bliss, captured with unrivaled yet pleasantly quotidian harmonies of shapes with color.


She is balancing, stupendously, the apotheotic natural monopoly of fine art, that of inconceivable visual order, to summon a pacific resonance within a higher cosmic order underneath the ostensible niggles we find in the continuous uncertainties within our human temporality. This contact with the transcendent is rare to accomplish, let alone so elegantly. And her efforts are further conscientious with texture, imposing outward upon us the accentuation of her cosmic geometries superbly.


Ultimately, the achievement of Ms. Joseph’s serenity provides a rejuvenation to the human spirit and thus reason for its continual animation. Meaning in life is easier to find when such a starburst constellation of beauty is knowable.


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