'Education and Manner' (2023). Jesse Wine. Ceramic, sand and paint 231.1 x 50.8 cm 91x27x20 inches Courtesy of Modern Institute and the artist.

‘Education and Manner’ by Jesse Wine @ Frieze LA

March 31, 2023

This is a monumental discovery in human refinement provided to the world by Jesse Wine via The Modern Institute. Towards causing greater understanding of the concept of smoothness: of a functionally active space which resonates an imperceptible notion of blue motion.


That the animation of the sculpture is through such suave assuaging, such attention to form to be scraped beautifully – for what is the worthiness of beauty if it is not because it is earned through its painstaking maintenance? – causes, no, creates, an aura of modest iridescence – not of a sublime attention, but yet again does it not draw upon it a quiet bravery? A sweet suggestion of nearer yet not so anxiously depraved. For how can such a beautiful gift be so desperate for unwanton attention?


It is, therefore, in the extension of original sandsmanship which is the real prize. A now believable ability to marry the purity of stone or metal form with the daring of ceramic chilled chiseling; of the chance to break. The therefore affirmation of coarsing sand is to encourage a greater expanse of imagining color, and in this instance the blue is supremely esteemed.


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