'Aqua + Montrose', encaustic on shaped panel, 58 x 48. Courtesy of the artist Jeffrey Hirst and Dan Addington Gallery.

Jeff Hirst @ Addington Gallery

October 7, 2022

Mr. Jeff Hirst presents us with a meditation on certainty in his staunchly thickly-wooded compositions at Addington Gallery. His examinations on the essence of structure gives us tremendous elasticity in the idea, from the gradients of paint thickness to the boisterousness of certain shapes in the composition. Yet it is from this thought of boisterous which we appropriately lack a sense of haphazard caprice.

‘Parallel Structures’, encaustic on shaped panel, 42 x 32. Courtesy of the artist Jeff Hirst and Dan Addington Gallery.

The need for Dionysian spiritual relaxation, the thought of the mania imposed on a distinctly human act for life – dance – moves the soul towards a heart-healthy cadence with the natural power of the starry motion that has always been, now bottled to such tight bounds of telescopic perspective in the digital age, the lens onto it all becomes clearer with the cosmic marvel of human cell life fully achieving its control over conducting electricity. It is here where the artist moves us towards clarity in providing us order with such conviction it is an embrace of a stillness to the everlasting animation of natural life.


Indeed, the works are a testimony to human life and its everlasting significance. It negates the tension of residing in a world with such possibilities of irreversible calamity. To reflect and comprehend the connection of our anthropic vision with that which is permanently visible is to recognize the immutable power and therefore supreme beauty of the world: that it gives us the ability to create beauty with it.

‘Ritual’, encaustic on shaped panel, 41 x 30. Courtesy of the artist Jeffrey Hirst and Addington Gallery.


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