'Election Day' by Amy Karen Finkel Fishof. Courtesy of the artist and dnj Gallery.

‘Radiate’ by Karen Amy Finkel Fishof @ dnj Gallery

September 24, 2019

Karen Amy Finkel Fishof presents a compendium of optimism in her latest opening titled Radiate at the always welcoming dnj Gallery. The works all speak to a unifying theme of enthusiasm for the creation active in all facets of common American society, irrespective of the discrepancies with an ideal human nature. Graciously, Ms. Finkel Fishof does not bludgeon us with a sullen attitude of the self-awareness of imperfection. Instead, we can enjoy each work elevated distantly from the dusty ground floor.


Ms. Finkel Fishof speaks to a kinetic motion within each composition, which is perhaps the primary edifying element to the works – to breathe into the world a purity of action. Such quintessence of movement allows us to meditate on the positive sensationalism – otherwise known as excitement – captured within each. This meditation on motion gives us a glimpse of the eternal commotion provided in perpetuity underneath our social elements. And it is not lost that most of her work concentrates on youthful playfulness. Does this symbolize a congruency between childhood action and an ideal world?


This speaks again to the concept of innocence and its guardianship within humanity. For very clearly, with the cherishment and safeguarding of childhood innocence uninterrupted, we are given a proclamation fundamentally on where things go off the rails in time. The issue, then, is how to treat this drag weight. The affirmation of the eternal goodness within the kinetics is an argument to look past the shortcomings of being human and recognize we are bound by an eternal current moving humanity toward greater benevolence. Such idealism can only expand within time, which is the very real correspondence of Ms. Finkel Fishof’s artistic form to truth and therefore is good.


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