KIARA AILEEN MACHADO UNTITLED, 2020 OIL ON CANVAS 36 X 48 IN. Courtesy of the artist Kiara Allen Machado and Launch LA. Copyright Kiara Allen Machado.

‘Refugio en Las Flores’ by Kiara Aileen Machado @ Launch LA

May 26, 2023

Ms. Kiara Aileen Machado triumphs in a colorful representation – indeed celebration – of indigenous Central American life with a mysteriously subtle glee in all of her jungle ideas with her Refugio en Las Flores opening at Launch LA presented by Luna Anaïs Gallery. I say glee because of the playful suggestion which is subtlety provided by her wise use of Latin American dolls to introduce the originality of human imagination so native to the landscape.

36 X 48 IN. Courtesy Kiara Aileen Machado and Launch LA. Copyright Kiara Aileen Machado.

Indeed, this is so much the affirmation of the artwork: a primal knowing of a human experience so unknown to the world. That jungle culture has contained communities which span thousands of years to provide such ideas as “worry dolls” – to represent a universal human experience of anxiety – is captivating in itself. Indeed, her placement of the dolls and their unabashed innocence gives us that quiet understanding of what is universal to all life, and that is the love provided by family life.

OIL ON CANVAS. 8 X 8 IN. Courtesy Kiara Aileen Machado and Launch LA. Copyright Kiara Aileen Machado.

It is this protection of innocence which is preciously savored in the climate’s sumptuous hues of purples and reds; a healthy fomentation of light which excites through her meticulous choices of strokes to provide that capture of iridescence. That supreme suggestion of perfect paradise illuminated in a way which is most botanical.


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