Celibate Warrior, 2022, oil on Arches paper, 22"x30"h. Courtesy of the artist Raghunit Kintisch and Launch LA.

‘Reiterate’ at Launch LA

January 29, 2023

In a medley of artwork which ranges from the plastically colorful to the ornament of plastic, Launch LA moves us towards an appreciation of fine artistry without a necessary academic pretension. Yet with the works by Ms. Monica Wyatt, Raghubir Kintisch and Lorraine Hetizman, what does this pretension imply?

That there is a formality to the presentation of work which requires a higher mandate on substance, and not necessarily form. Yet is not the idea what matters most? The extension of an invisible significance to the physical patterning which is presented publicly, admitting that this is The Good in each work’s final installment? To suggest delicacy, and the merits of introducing preciousness rather than waste, to fine art can be created without the need of delicate objects – that which is rare or precious by itself; such as precious gems. Contemporary art, therefore, is progressive in this regard; in liberating the means of presenting immortal works. And this is seen quintessentially with Ms. Wyatt’s Gossamer Flight, 2022.


‘Gossamer Flight’ 2022 78″x58″x50″. Mixed-media. Courtesy of the artist Monica Wyatt and Launch LA


‘Gossamer Flight’ (2022) (detail 1). 78″ x 58″ x 50″. mixed media


Irrespective of the media used, is the work beautiful? It has such a meticulous emphasis of granular precision throughout the works entirety. It is what presents a healthy challenge to the conclusion: would this artwork be better with rarer material than mass consumable plastic?


Would the plastic extrusions, which signify something avian, be made more clearly beautiful if a media with greater light reflectance be employed? This poses a question independent of the underlying significance of reusability of goods which have no predetermined end; it is to question whether an object in its pure reflectance ought to be more illuminous? Is that what we indicate when we think of a purity?


A clarity to perception versus a more muted and subtle appreciation of the physical form. And this is not necessarily true. For beauty extends beyond the physically perceivable. Mathematical truths, for instance, have their own unique realization of necessity which soothes, calms, relaxes, the mind and its endless movement in trying to order its thoughts and sensations. Ms. Wyatt, here, provides us a wonderful example of finery without the need of expense; of precious permanence out of man-made synthesis; industrial beauty out of the waste of its outpouring. To introduce a distinction between that which is common and that which is scarce, with the choice media, extends the boundaries of fine arts positively.


Celibate Warrior, 2022, oil on Arches paper, 22″x30″h. Courtesy of the artist Raghunit Kintisch and Launch LA.


Eighth Son 2022, oil on Arches paper, 22″x30″. Courtesy of the artist Raghunit Kintisch and Launch LA.


Meanwhile, Raghunit Kintisch playfully elaborates an assemblage of oil on Arches Paper works which illuminate positively images of notable the Hindu tradition. The emergence of mythical human forms so compactly – at 22”x30” – provides us with this further conversation on the fine arts being not necessarily grand in presentation style. The levity accorded by bringing such sumptuous oils to paper moves one away from the consideration of these ideas as sternly soteriological; that the storied images shared with us inform our world with creative ideas rather than morality. This despite the consideration of a Divine Power. All the works move the space it is being presented in towards this concept of strength, which is uncanny when considering muscular brutality. The are simply happy in their painted playfulness.


‘Steeples and People’. 39x21in. Mixed Media. Courtesy of the artist Lorraine Heitzman and Launch LA.


Finally, Ms. Lorainne Heitzman provides exquisite mixed media which augments the notion of refinement in an overt consideration of tactile to the artistic media with her wood panels. Staunchly abstract and almost byzantine in ideas, the works nevertheless gather a positive semblance of mystique. Their compact mysteries (typically 24”x18”) provide an interpretive window for appreciation which has certain durability, as the change in the observer over time can open up different understandings of the riddle contained within each artwork. It is nevertheless within the ordering facts of the media where we can appreciate delicate texture, paint, and choice photographic objects in constructing a patient flurry of artistic statement.


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