'Solar Medusa 922' (2022), acrylic on canvas 54 x 59 in 137 x 150 cm. Courtesy of Jan Kaláb and Hashimoto Contemporary.

‘Ripple Effect’ By Dan Lam & Jan Kalab @ Hashimoto Contemporary

October 21, 2022

Ms. Dan Lam and Mr. Jan Kaláb present to us a healthy medley of scintillating sculpture and canvas with a preciously meticulous treatment of color in their dual opening at Hashimoto Contemporary. The reflectances, specifically from Ms. Lam’s waxy-fun, provides an interesting juxtaposition to the austerely planar yet nonetheless curvilinear treatment of colors by Mr. Kaláb. This austerity is seen most especially with the, not so much smoothness, but subtle solidness with the colors in the canvas.


‘Neon Drop 922’ (2022)
acrylic on canvas
47 1/4 x 47 1/4 in. Courtesy of Jan Kaláb and Hashimoto Contemporary.


It is in the curvature where the two jointly find agreement in the beautiful. For without circular form, the plasticity of the shapes presented to us would not be so compatible. What then makes curvilinear shapes more pacific and soothing, i.e. soft, compared to the angularity of, say, stalactite formations? Perhaps it is the abruptness and therefore a greater signifier of impetuousness, a pulse which can be ­de-stabilizing to any equilibria set forth. It is terrific, then, to understand several of the major pieces of Mr. Kaláb’s work are created as an effect, a rainbow reagency, towards the plethora of smoothness presented to us by Ms. Lam.


It is keen then to meditate on Ms. Lam’s works first to better illustrate the significance.


‘Full Bodied’ (2022) foam, acrylic, resin, polymer
24 x 20 x 8 in
61 x 50.8 x 20.3 cm. Courtesy of Dan Lam and Hashimoto Contemporary


‘Pet’ (2022), foam, acrylic, resin, polymer
4 1/2 x 6 x 6 in
11.4 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm. Courtesy of Dan Lam and Hashimoto Contemporary


Her work is the quintessence of dripping, a playfulness with the melting of a soft medium – namely a candle – and how its represents itself in a multitude of styles. The styles appear not merely with physical dimensions, but in finishing media, with the best presenting us a translucence reflectance. Such a distillation of light, such an idea of purity, is captured in the glistening of the beautiful experience. As a sense of delicacy, of preciousness, of involving the mind toward a distinction between low and high. The sacred and the profane are partitioned with this taste. We are given the immediate impression of a higher plane of being, far removed from the dusty world. This is where fine art excels: in giving man recognition of that which is permanently precious is that which reflects beauty naturally.


‘Deconstructed Sun’, (2022) acrylic on canvas
56 3/4 x 104 3/4 in
144 x 266 cm. Courtesy of Jan Kaláb and Hashimoto Contemporary


This purity is then not invaded inimically by Mr. Kaláb and his cosmic treatments of color. Though in his reticence we do not experience a diffidence in the presentation, as in the main most of the compositions are larger (at dimensions of greater than 50 square inches) than a quieter effort at color. Indeed, his colors display a sense of strength in the hotness of Solar Medusa, Embracing Heat, and a pleasant charming light with Deconstructed Sun 922. The irradiance is not blunting, anxious to gather our eyes upon it, distracting ourselves from the main intention of entering a room. Yet the elixir it provides is exactly what constitutes the character of discernment, of refinement, in what is a good choice. And that is to be present without needing to be immediately recognizable in the mind’s of others – for our reality extends permanently beyond the mind’s eye of anyone but God.


It is then an appropriate challenge to balance weight of dimension with intensity of action in the animation of the canvas with the curvilinearity of beautiful lines. Of those which extend but no not seek to destroy as a primordial intention. No. This is the claim for more truth, beauty, in a word, righteousness in pensive examination. An addition; a multiplication; not a deduction of what ought to be.


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Hashimoto Contemporary

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