Sean Scully: ‘LA Deep’ @ Lisson Gallery

September 30, 2023

Sean Scully presents a relaxation to paint with his daring abstract opening LA Deep at Lisson Gallery. It is in what Manly P. Hall noted “the phenomenally divisible parts” of the objects in each of the compositions which imposes such stress in creating a new, original, dawning light on tried-and-true concepts in abstract fine art. What distinguishes this strong presentation, in more than magnitude of the compositions, is in the gentle gracefulness of each noble slather-lathering of permanently painted beauty that is received by the mind.

Such confidence in the longevity of the strokes, with thick paintbrushes, canvassing the canvases in ways it ultimately is intended to be given for: to give the actual from the potential to create beauty, as Mr. Scully accomplishes. Aside from his more Agam-esque rectilineal formalism, the softness of the edges of his rectangular forms consistently provide a gracious weight to the eye.

It is one which does provide a, though tempered, liberation from the daily-sinking into the dusty world. This lightness, not intended to be energetic as a dancing star, provides a healthy persistent memory uninterrupted by the mad inhuman noise.


They are large pockets of playful space, wisely accorded with the confidently original strokes within each form, to provide that certain sense of refinement in the completion.


This differs from a Rothko in the plasticity of the reflectances through the choice mixing of oils and the elongated brushstrokes which are not intended subtlety. He affirms a prolonged-viewing exposure, which is indeed necessary to bring out the joy of yellow, which is otherwise lost in a hasty experience of otherwise mundane blocks for fine art considerations.

Yet the choice in the patterning of the forms, most firmly represented in his choice palettes, gives us an appreciation of scale, more than simply paint, with Mr. Scully’s style. At dimensions typically larger than 7 feet, These do need room to breathe. This is what makes their experience all the more grand – they are quiet, eliminating the sense of being imposing; rather, they are inviting, not to distracting torpor, but to a healthy relaxing dream.


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