'A dreamful ease' (2021) Oil and colored pencil in panel 72"x96". by Sarah Ann Weber. Courtesy of the artist and Anat Egbi Gallery.

‘Strong Blossoming Thing Forever’ by Sarah Ann Weber @ Anat Ebgi Gallery

June 23, 2021

In the continuation of artistic responses to the world-historical biological phenomenon of COVID-19, Sarah Ann Weber’s call-to-arms at Anat Ebgi Gallery is a return to a blissful natural state. Consistently with her artworks in this exhibition are the positive encouragement of illustrious fantasy which is contained within natural figures. This idea of harmony is one which is so far removed from technological architectonics that it provides an easeful smile in the face of the uncertainty of the current state of human society in all corners of the Earth.


Ms. Weber decides to focus ourselves on dreamy colorations which scintillate, but not obnoxiously. A dreamful ease is a visual idea of the mercurial whimsy of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream – florid, superfluously bright, and senselessly distracted from civilized perfunctory. The resolution of her forms in size are a wonderful representation of the conscientiousness to formulate a true idea of nature of that which is overwhelmingly encompassing.


Also notable is Ms. Weber’s decisions to attribute natural goodness with copious vegetation, symbolizing the harmless aim of plant life toward the eternity of cosmic light. This is a platonic thought – that to be natural is to be harmonious. How counter it is to the designations of man and his technological thirst for more; but in more quantity of what? Dominion? His thirst in controlling his destiny obfuscates his primal being, which is forever swaying with placid leaves of a eucalyptus or willow branch, or the staunch rightfulness of a cactus or thorny plant given the right to seed and prosper amidst the perpetual perturbations of the cosmic twilight and its endless starry sea. Such humble representations to center humanity in knowing their place provides a glimpse into the need for knowing their impotence at overpowering natural design.


And how exquisite it is that Ms. Weber attributes the female form amidst such humility! The human woman’s wilderness as a constant metaphor for smoothing the sharp edges of her sexual counterpart – the one with ugly schemes to possess what can never be possibly controlled; to will what can never possibly be; and instead to embrace the endless mystery of fate and the natural clockwork which governs us each morning daybreak. It is a poignant meditation on the innocent fertility of human females amidst the constant sway to cultivate a higher civilized condition to marvel at which unfortunately also causes the possibility for natural infidelity towards human relations.


To ultimately consider what is good for man is what is natural is a grand idea worth contemplating.


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