'Unity' by Susan Kaufer Carey, courtesy of the artist

‘Unity’ by Susan Kaufer Carey @ The Hive Gallery

March 18, 2020

Amidst the Hive Gallery there was a superb effort by Susan Kaufer Carey to capture harmony, or rather, as the title is named, unity. The sweet innocence of playtime is an important reminder of the primacy of exercising our agencies towards, not so much grandeur, but in polarity to misery. This, one can say, is the continuous efforts at child-rearing, at nurturing, ideal conditions for humans to be occupied and incubating within. It is through this “open shelter” where the celebration of life can be exercised to its fullest. And what a stupendous demonstration of the goodness of Nature when this affirmation brings about joy and happiness into the world. That is, unity is an incidental objective to two worlds harmoniously colliding to complement and augment each other. The concern of division, of friction, of resistance, signifies loss and not gain. An ideal world, then, as we see with this quiet natural wonder captured by the artist, is one which love of one another compounds, without a conscientious effort at doing so. It happens spontaneously.



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