'Bat Shadow On Sumac Canopy At Night' (2022) Acrylic on canvas. 30" x 40". Photography by Evan P. Jenkins. Courtesy of Abraham Cone & Mu Art Gallery.

‘Wall Ornament’ by Abraham Cone @ Mu Art Gallery

August 8, 2022

Mr. Abraham Cone introduces to us the wordless idea of elusiveness to the intimacy of color tones with his terrific showing at Mu Gallery, Chicago. Considerate of the glaring impositions oil paints can provide to a canvas, Mr. Cone elects to move toward a more refined consideration of the beautiful idea. This explains his intensity in demonstrating very neutral colors alongside his geometrical patterning.


And it is instead of electing for abrupt attention, which may affirm a sense of desperation for spectacle as opposed to where Mr. Cone sees his works, as providing a balancing power to a room, to fill the void with a quiet buoyancy which nevertheless has such exacting details to its forms. It is only when one is self-motivated to glean the originality in the emphasis of such harmonious contours which appear only to those seeking the perspective of the inner beauty detailed by the artist that can we appreciate his difficult attempt to balance the cerebral with the sensual.


‘Dulcimers, Mosquito Coils, Cast-Iron Table.’ (2022). Acrylic on canvas. 30″x40″. Photography by Evan P. Jenkins. Courtesy of Abraham Cone & Mu Art Gallery.


‘Bat Shadow On Sumac Canopy At Night’ (2022) Acrylic on canvas. 30″ x 40″. Photography by Evan P. Jenkins. Courtesy of Abraham Cone & Mu Art Gallery.




It is here where the artist successfully moves us towards a refinement in taste. This goal, of admiring more than succulence to spark joy into our brain plugs, is a difficult task when the artist self-imposes restraints upon his or her color choices. To work within the mystery of neutrality is a lofty goal, which we can appreciate when it succeeds. This is further augmented by the consistent scale of 30”x40” which the artist works in, affirming his representation of what is good – which is wisely decided to move away from anxious plenitude. It is in this conscientious direction of less is more, which generates the idea of a wise simplicity – that which seeks simply the best, as Oscar Wilde charmingly approves. Not a choice of ascetical barrenness, but one of prudent selectivity. Hence, the concept of refinement is being demonstrated.

‘Maple Seeds Pressed In Paving Stones Beneath Wet Footprints Past Monarch Crysalises On Milkweed at Night’. (2022) Photography by Evan P. Jenkins. Courtesy of Abraham Cone & Mu Art Gallery.


And so much of refined choices is in the wisdom in acting gently. The confirmation of an elusiveness, a subtle coyness to introduce into an ambient space, informs us of a more positive connotation than evasion, of cowardice, in handling beautiful objects. There may not be so much as an inner-strength overwhelming us with Mr. Cone’s artworks, but there is nevertheless the possibility of might in the artist’s brush. However, in consistently painting in the aim of delicacy, Mr. Cone represents a more appropriate formation of the feminine and its invisible power in softening the animal spirit and its blunting, brute force, stimulation of the human body with the power of colorful imagination. This is the aim of creating beauty for other people to experience.

For more information, please contact the gallery:

Mu Gallery Chicago

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