‘Wilde Paintings’ by Yunhee Min @ Susanne Vielmetter

May 11, 2018

Have we seen all the color that will ever be? Is the human’s eye limited to a finite wheel and amalgam of red, blues, and greens? Even if the resolution is finite there is something laudatory in introducing humanity with the taste of the new in a very cheerfully irradiant manner. It is as if sampling new kinds of ice cream flavors with their deliciousness. But more, the works exhibited in Wilde Paintings by Yunhee Min at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects bring forward a new visceral sensation with the illusion of texture and drapery unfolding.


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The works all are uniformly bright and airy which speaks to the positive energy color can bring when savored. And this cheeriness is done in a minimalistic, if not unadulterated, manner. The variegations of compositions stems largely in the blended patterns of the solid blocks of color, as if each vertical strip is one which needed an additional dimension of personality as it pours itself down the canvas.


From @vielmettergallery ‘Wilde Paintings’ #la #laart #losangelesart

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In summary, this is a quickly tasteful exploration of color that certainly captures positive attention.


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