'Desert Isle' by Dinesh Boaz. Courtesy of the artist and dnj Gallery

‘Within the Lines’ by Dinesh Boaz @ dnj Gallery

March 11, 2020

Mr. Dinesh Boaz at dnj Gallery presents us with unique perspectives on the natural harmony between man and Nature. While the collection is overwhelmingly represented by the nakedness of Mother Earth, it is accentuated by the taciturn inclusion of humanity, appearing every so minutely and microscopically compared to the grandeur of the terrestrial. It is this interplay, then, which is a celebration of the nurturing enabled by the planet and creatively expressed by Mr. Boaz.


Other artistry may have been anxious and focalized the irritations of mankind; its ingratitude to what supports its vitality and historical record. Yet there is no concept of allergy or pollutant in the mind of Mr. Boaz. Repeatedly, there is the demonstration of wonder, which humanity appears to be capable of resonating with a higher cosmic design. A stupendous example of which is Desert Isle. In this landscape, we have the majesty of blue ocean surrounding mankind, who is ostensibly deserted; there is a palpable feeling of an overwhelming oceanic current swelling around the souls. And yet, this is not ominous in the slightest. This is no graveyard, but a playground. Likewise, in a more jovial depiction, Burners is a tongue-in-cheek photograph of humanity enjoying the South Beach sunshine. By giving us a Where’s Waldo? Appearance, we have a humorous inundation of humanity upon the beach shoreline, compelling us to inspect this converted nature into a sunshine amusement.


Ultimately, then, we have a proper, if rarely perceived, orientation of the natural world and our place within it, creating such an expansion of our own natural periphery.





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